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  • Real Female Masturbation 20
    More beautiful girls getting off with fingers and toys.

  • Real Female Masturbation 19
    More beautiful girls getting off with fingers and toys.

  • Real Female Masturbation 18
    More beautiful girls getting off with fingers and toys.

  • Real Female Masturbation 17
    Wanna see how girls really do it? More beautiful girls getting off with fingers and toys!

  • Real Female Masturbation 16
    More beautiful girls getting off with fingers and toys. Wanna see how girls really do it?

  • Up and Cummers 104
    Tommi Rose loves Lexington’s huge cock. Tiffany wanted me to come in her pussy. I was so turned on, I had to come in her mouth, too. Six-foot-tall Sunny loves to do it outside, and again I came twice, once in her mouth and once on that big, beautiful ass. Oh yeah, got her feet, too. Red-hot Nakita does a rare boy-girl scene for me to show off for my fans, and wants all of Lee Stone’s big cock!

  • Up and Cummers 103
    Cute college girl Shanel and Slim just started dating and show their lust with a hot internal cumshot! Beautiful brown-skinned Lari works as a security guard, but lets her guard down here and cums hard twice, once from anal! Six-foot-tall Faith wants Julian bad, and he gives it to her good. Hot redhead Bonnie loves to masturbate while watching guys do it too. Soaking wet pussy.

  • Up and Cummers 102
    Sabrine Maui is so pretty and sexy I could barely control myself. She'll be back for sure. * Full bodied blonde Avy is another in a long line of hot Tampa girls and loves to swallow. * Hot little blonde Angela loves it when her husband cums in her pussy! * Gorgeous Czech girl Jana loves to masturbate after a shower.

  • Up and Cummers 101
    Beautiful Puerto Rican born, Miami raised Carmen is red hot in her video debut. * Exotic beauty Jada Fox does a rare but steamy boy-girl scene. * Real-life couple Tawny & Ricky still love sex together and let it all hang out with an internal cum shot. * And we also catch lovely Lacey in a private moment in the shower.

  • Up and Cummers 100
    The perennial "Best Pro-Am Series" winner hits the century mark with four hot new babes. Margo is a hot blonde with a great ass. August takes an internal with gusto. Lacy Duval is just gorgeous, and Sunrise Adams is the stuff of dreams. Don?t miss it!

  • Up and Cummers 99
    Stacy and Stefan met on the Sally Jessy show. They've been together since, and make their video debut here. Her first anal and internal cumshot highlight this scene. * Sexy young Ann Marie has one of the best bods I've run into. Had to cum on those great tits! * Exotic Victoria Style wants Mark Davis, and gets him and more. Loves to suck cock! * And a little more with hot, young Hannah Harper (oral cum shot) finishes the vid with a bang!

  • Real Female Masturbation 15
    Beautiful girls getting themselves off with fingers and toys—oh, what fun! Jana Cova is my personal favorite. She’s blond, natural, gorgeous and very orgasmic.

  • Real Female Masturbation 14
    Another bounty of beautiful babes that can’t keep their hands and toys off their hot pussies. Wet and horny, they want to come while you watch.

  • Up and Cummers 97
    Little Jody Moore, who ran for the Australian Senate, shows why she got so many votes! Internal and oral cumshots seal the erection (I mean election)! Beautiful 3/4 Eskimo Gyselle Dahl does more than rub noses. Anal, oral and internal cumshots—and great heat in her first 3-way. Sexy Monica is back to finish what she started in U&C 91, with a great internal cumshot finish. This girl loves to fuck! Plus Trinity’s first time on camera, when she gave me a hot blowjob at her first interview.

  • Up and Cummers 96
    First-time hottie Tommi Rose likes a thick cock, and Eric gives her all she can handle. Very sexual woman! Indiana farm girl Joelean always wanted to do Vince and gets her chance—and loves every bit of it, even swallowing his load. 18-year-old California blonde Kaylee has a really good time with Mario, who gives her the best anal sex of her young life and cums in her pussy, too. She loves it all!

  • Real Female Masturbation 13
    She's fine, she's horny and she's alone. What to do? The answer: she does it herself. As hard as she wants, as long as she wants, with whatever works best. Fine women pleasuring themselves is a treat to watch... here's your chance to look behind closed doors.

  • Up and Cummers 95
    Beautiful Paige is back from her last scene on camera, but it's a very hot sendoff! Then back to school; gorgeous 19-year-old Tiffany Mason is a 6-foot-tall package of smoldering sexuality! Sexy Sara Moon loves taking a hot load in her pussy, and sucks cock and licks ass like a champ. I forgot I got to play with Kay London from U&C 37, when she was in her prime! Very hot stuff!

  • Up and Cummers 94
    Luna’s first boy-girl scene is incredibly hot with an internal cum shot! An old scene I found with Heaven Leigh’s (from U&C 90) first anal scene is well worth waiting for. Beautiful Latina Domino is about as hot and sexy as they get! Brooke Lynne, from U&C 44, makes an unexpected return visit, but I’m glad she did!

  • Real Female Masturbation 12
    This video has not yet been released but you may preview the pictures.

  • Real Female Masturbation 11
    Wanna see how girls really do it? Camille and Julie both jill off together, and super-cute Luna fiddles about inside a limousine. Seven beautiful, horny women want you to watch them get off! Can you refuse?

  • I Love Lesbians 9
    Judith comes from Europe to visit her girlfriend Mina. Boy, did they miss each other! Lots of foot worship! Claudia has her first experience with a woman, Sana Fey. Quick learner and very hot! Sharon & Dee and Giselle & Samantha want to taste each other for the first time. They all loved it!

  • Raw Sex 7
    A never-before-shown scene with beautiful Holli Woods when she first got off the bus in L.A. Fresh, horny, sexy, with anal, internal and oral cumshots. Toni James wanted to do a scene with me before she left the biz, and man was it worth the wait. Extremely sexy girl! My cameraman shot a very hot anal scene with Katie Gold and Ian Daniels. He showed it to me, I liked it, so now I'm showing it to you! Mocha and Chocolate, the twin sisters, wanted to give me a double sister blowjob, and man was it good!

  • Crazy About Asians
    Japanese schoolgirl Satomi loves to show off her body and then get fucked real good! And in the ass! Hot oral cum shot. Mika Choix can't get enough cock and wants to fuck and suck all day! Hot oral and pussy cum shots! China and Jeff just started dating and can't wait to start show off their passion. Great internal cum shot! Amy wants me all to herself and can't wait to taste my cum! Pearl Essence craves 2 dicks at once and loves the DP and double oral cum shot. 18-year old college freshmen Nia and her boyfriend Joe love to fuck and suck and she takes a hot internal and oral cum shot.

  • Foot Lovers Only 3
    For those that crave hot "footage," this is for you! Lovely ladies performing incredible "feets" for your viewing pleasure! These feet get all the attention they deserve: licking, sucking, and even some foot fucking! Starring some of your favorite hotties: Taylor, Shane, Heaven, Angelina, Nina, the "sisters," Leanni, Vivi Anne, Dina and Shakira. Something for everybody, including a little fucking, sucking and masturbating as a bonus for you!

  • Up and Cummers 93
    Las Vegas has some fine-looking women, and Jassie and Phoenix are two prime examples. Both new, both hot, both horny! And beautiful Misty is back, this time with a special treat!

  • Katie June and I
    Katie June (Up and Cummers 62) and I were driving through Tennessee and saw this sign. We had to stop and take a picture.

  • Up and Cummers 92
    Tall, sexy brunette beauty Adara Star makes her video debut. She had a fantasy of doing Lee Stone, and man does she get it! Extremely hot! Blonde Aussie Monica, a former model, gets a taste of Canada with Eric Everhard. She liked it so much, she wanted him to cum in her pussy! Brown beauty Mercury Orbitz has a body and a booty to die for. Fortunately, I lived to tell the tale. Very sexy girl. Lea DeMae is back to finish what she started, including a great blowjob cumshot!

  • Up and Cummers 91
    Shy but sexy Latina Sylvia Sinn makes her first video appearance. She wanted to have sex with a complete stranger for the first time in her life, and really got off on it! Hot young Filipina Trinity is new to the biz, but really loves sex, and shows it! Stunning blonde Lea DeMae is an unbelievably hot European beauty. She takes a hot internal cumshot from big Lee Stone, with some hot anal action too! Adorable young Monica Sweetheart and Asian hottie Fantasy provide nice posing and BJ scenes to end the vid.

  • Up and Cummers 90
    Found a hot old scene with sexy redhead Heaven Leigh when she first got in the biz. Glad I found it! Blond hottie Buffy, from Las Vegas, is ready for sex, and takes an oral and internal cumshot! Very sexy young girl! Brazilian import sexy, fiery Milena wants two guys-and me and Alex give it to her good, including her first anal internal cumshot and a good oral, too. Very hot scene!

  • Please Cum Inside Me
    Lots of girls willing to let the boys cum inside! In the porn biz, when the cum comes oozing out of a freshly fucked pussy and drips off her ass or thighs, it's called a cream pie. These are Randy's best cream pies. The highlight of this new concept compilation is undoubtedly Jenna Jameson. She was barely of legal age and this is the only internal cumshot she has ever done. Damn, she is fine!! There are 8 other sexy dolls featured and they are all very hot but Jenna takes the cake, er, pie!

  • Up and Cummers 89
    Voluptuous Paige Turner only made three videos. I got two of them, and here's her first. Hot college girl! Beautiful Hungarian hottie Mina does one of the most explosive scenes ever, with two internals, one oral and a titty cumshot. Incredible woman! Cute, busty 19-year-old Cheyenne wants two men, and she gets it. Great to look at, fun to play with. Oral-titty cumshot!

  • Up and Cummers 82
    Pretty blonde Samantha never had 2 guys at once before. She tried it and loved it - and takes 2 internal cumshots! Hot, sexy 18-year old Latina, Sabrina, is on fire in her 2nd video appearance. She loves the internal and oral cumshots! Beautiful Jeannie Rivers is back by popular demand and wants to show off her new boyfriend. She sucks his feet, he sucks hers, they fuck like crazy, and he cums in her sweet pussy real good! My buddy Chris brings his friend Kurious over to meet me, and she gives a great double blowjob - and D.J.X. gets her pretty feet!

  • Up and Cummers 81
    Stunning beauty Taylor St. Claire, who made her video debut in Up and Cummers #19, comes back to do her first on-camera anal scene and it is red hot! The beautiful Marika, one of the twins from U&C 49 & 50, returned before going home to Europe, and we are real glad she did! And this time she wanted me to cum in her mouth! Exotic little Thai girl Sunshine is hot as high noon in July. Very horny, orgasmic girl. I forgot I fooled around a little with 18-year-old beach beauty Monti from U&C #42.

  • Up and Cummers 80
    Gorgeous Tera Patrick is back and catches me in the shower. The good news is she gets in too, and another red hot scene follows! And she swallows this Load! Pretty baby Skylar Knight is back to finish what she started in U&C 79. What a doll! 18 year old cutie Angelina Joy wants to show how she and her boyfriend Justin like to do it at home, including an internal cum shot and her first real good anal fucking. And she cums from it too! Cassi brings her sister Michelle to me for her first boy-girl scene, and of course Cassie jumps in too. Good family fun! Finally Allysin Chaynes is seen for her first solo shoot and winds up taking loads from me and D.J.X. What a hot cutie she is.

  • Up and Cummers 79
    Filipino mixed with any other race is always a good thing. With beautiful 19 year-old Skylar Knight it's incredible. And she's only been having sex for a year, Great Feet! My buddy Nacho Vidal brought me two girls sight unseen and said to trust him. When you see how hot the scene with gorgeous Caroline Cage and Sheila was, you'll trust him too! Internal and oral pops! Ebony beauty Nefertiti make her video debut a very sexy, horny experience for both of us. And what a fine ass! Hot oral cum shot!

  • Up and Cummers 78
    Cute, shy Carrla is in the Coast Guard and hopes her first boy-girl scene makes some waves! Carmen and Oliver are visiting from Spain, and beautiful Carmen takes both of us in the ass and does her first internal cum shot! Very hot!!! Wildcat wants to put her pretty face on my cock and sucks me dry! She is one fine cock sucker! Finally, by fan request, Katie and Shay are back to finish the boy-girl scene from Up and Cummers #44 with me and Ian Daniels. Two real cuties!

  • Up and Cummers 77
    Sexy blonde Florida babe Alexa Ray can't wait, and has to masturbate before sex. It's her only video, but it's a good one! Asian hottie Mikka Yamato has a nice, full sexy bush and gets her pussy real wet for sex. Very hot oral cum shot and some good masturbation. Virginia Beach girl Celine Deveaux came to LA briefly and wanted a 3-way with me and Vince. And she wanted me to cum in her pussy! Of course I did! Victoria is a Czech beauty whose only video was Real Female Masturbation #7, but at the end she wanted to give me a handjob and was very excited! Sexy Heidi is back to finish what she started with another internal cum shot!

  • Up and Cummers 74
    Nina Kournikova is a beautiful 5' 10" student and fashion model who was looking for something exciting and horny in her life. She go it in this video! Very hot, passionate woman! Super sexy Candy may is a smash in her video debut, making me cum twice, including on her incredible natural titties! Bridgette Hasek is back to try her first anal scene and she takes it quite well and gets 2 more cum shots out of me. Me and the girls had a damn good time on this tape and you will too!!

  • Up and Cummers 73
    They just don't get any more beautiful or sexy than Tera Patrick. Very hot scene with 3 cum shots (internal, oral, and feet). Tavalia has one of the all time great asses! Me and Chris Cannon take care of her ass (anal), pussy (internal) and feet! Me and Tye always wanted to have sex and Taylor said she wanted to play too! Hot 3-wy with the 2 girls making me cum in their mouths together. Great stuff! A little bonus footage of pretty Mexican honey Vivian Lopez from RFM #4, who gives me a horny hand job (her first on camera).

  • Up and Cummers 70
    18-year old blonde Oregon beauty Jeanie Rivers is horny & ready to go in her video debut. Oral & internal cumshots highlight this hot scene! Exotic Thai beauty, Bamboo, cums to America for her first video on U.S. soil. She speaks little English but knows the language of sex very well. Very horny with good anal & internal cumshot! JJ Michaels brings his sexy redheaded girlfriend, Vivi Anne, over to show how they really like to have sex together! Real horny couple! Internal & oral cumshots! Cherry Chase is a shy but sexy 18-year old from Oregon doing her first video. She has a small, tight pussy and only does a couple of positions, but does have 2 good orgasms on camera. That'll work!

  • Up and Cummers 68
    18-year old cutie Bunny Luv makes her video debut a smash by masturbating & taking 2 loads, one internal and one on her perfect tits! Tall, brown, sexy Mary Jane has one of the finest asses I've ever seen. And she puts it to good use with me & Julian with some very hot anal action! My surprise birthday party was a smash when Jessica Darlin brought Vanessa & Allysin along to jerk off for me and then let me fuck all three and ends it with a fantasy 3-girl blowjob and oral cum shot. Loved it! Finally, Amythiest & Amy do some fine oral work with D.J. X and let him cum on both of their feet!

  • Up and Cummers 51
    Charlie and Raylene are so beautiful, I can hardly believe they're porn stars. They wanted me to hook them up for lesbian sex, so I did. Little did I know I was gonna get to fuck Raylene (and give her a rare oral cumshot)! Charlie's husband Roy gets so turned on, he jumps in and fucks Charlie too! Leah Stevenson is back to finish off what she started, and so is Jennae Dess. Jennae gets another internal cumshot (hey, she knows what she likes), and Leah gets one of my best oral shots. Japenese newcummer Amy Akatani is incredible! She's so enthusiastic! The sex is so good, she gives me the honors of her first oral cumshot. No regional coding.

  • Raw Sex 6
    Sexy, sensual Chloe likes a cock in her ass even more than in her pussy. Extremely intense anal scene and oral cum shot! The beautiful Stacy Valentine had a must-fuck list of me. Fortunately, I was on the list and goa a piece of Stacy's sweet mouth, pussy and ass! And she sucked me dry! Gorgeous Charlie and her sexy girlfriend Shelbee want each other, but when they are done they want to fuck me and Charlie's husband, Roy. Charlie gets so excited, she winds up doing her first on-camera anal scene, and she loves it. And Shelbee swallows all my cum. Asian beauty, Kiki ends the video with a red hot anal bang and oral cum shot. Very sexy woman and ver hot video. Hope you like it.

  • Real Female Masturbation 8
    The gorgeous Jeanie Rivers gets a surprise orgasm from the Rabbit. Her fingers work well too! Exotic Phillipino beauty Giselle Yum cums so hard her pussy oozes with creamy, white cum. Very hot girl! Czech beauty Nina Kournikova takes some time off from college to relieve her tensions with several hard orgasms. Sexy, full-busted T. Robbins makes her first video appearance a memorable one with some furious masturbation. She loves to show it all! And finally some unseen footage of the incredible Tera Patrick from Up & Cummers #73.